Membership Information

Membership in IAH automatically includes membership in the International Association of Hydrologists (IAH), the United States National Chapter (USNC) and the Early Career Hydrologists Network (ECHN) for persons located in the United States. Therefore, your a support an organization that champions the proper use, management, and protection of groundwater in the U.S. but also worldwide. Member benefits include:

  • Hydrogeology Journal: Members receive a subscription to IAH’s major-cited international journal. Eight issues published each year contain peer-reviewed papers and reports on both theoretical and applied aspects of hydrogeological science, including worldwide progress in techniques and innovations. Members also receive free online access to the full contents of the Journal.
  • IAH Global and USNC Newsletters: These newsletters provide updates about groundwater issues around the world and the activities of the association, including the USNC. A bimonthly global newsletter is emailed to members and is also posted online. The USNC provides a Chapter newsletter (2 to 3 times per year) to its members located in the U.S.
  • IAH Books and Events: Members receive discounts on IAH books and reduced registration at IAH Congresses and other meetings throughout the world that are sponsored or co-sponsored by IAH or the USNC.
  • Member of American Geological Institute (AGI): The USNC is a Member Society of AGI; accordingly, USNC members receive discounts on AGI publications (including their popular Directory of Geoscience Departments (46th Edition released in 2008), the Glossary of Geology (5th edition), and the Glossary of Hydrology), receive and help support earth sciences education and information, and promote a united voice for the geoscience community. For more information about AGI, see

ECHN Specific Benefits

Distinguished ECHN member benefits includes access to special events, resources and advocates in order to obtain the requisite skills for a hydrology career.

Cost & Membership Types

Cost Middle income Transitional Low income
Member €83.00 €56.00 €48.00 €40.00
On-line member €73.00 €46.00 €38.00 €30.00
Student Member €29.00 €25.00 €23.00 €21.00
Student On-line Member €19.00 €15.00 €13.00 €11.00
Retired Member €40.00 €27.00 €24.00 €22.00

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